Chubby Hamster Gets His Teeth Trimmed, Performs the Funniest Magic Trick of All Time

When it comes to pet oral care, hamster owners require a bit more patience in terms of grooming their cuddly critters. With the adorable rodents’ teeth constantly growing, occasional tooth trimmings are sometimes needed to avoid some serious health problems.

Hamsters naturally keep their teeth sizes maintained through regular gnawing of the stuff they can grab at. Hard dog biscuits and apple wood are recommended to help the hamster keep its teeth trim. However, some of them, which don’t develop such gnawing habits, may see their teeth grow uncontrollably.

Trimmings are usually done with the use of suitable pair of nail clippers by either a veterinarian or even an experienced pet owner.

One Japanese YouTube video, which attempted to show just exactly how to do so, ended up with an unexpected surprise, according to RocketNews24.

As the seemingly nervous hamster was being prepared to be trimmed, it started to coil up a bit, as if to be hiding something.

Then suddenly, after about a minute in during the video, something seemed to be starting to crawl out from its throat.

The stuff later turned out to be just nuts. There’s a whole bunch of them though.

The hamster would continue to regurgitate some more nuts during the clipping.

In the end, the adorable rodent turned out quite fine despite the surprising episode.

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