No One Believes This Singaporean Daddy is 50 Years Old

No One Believes This Singaporean Daddy is 50 Years Old

July 24, 2017
Remember Lure Hsu? She’s the stunningly beautiful forty-something year old woman who looks like she could be a college kid.
Well, we found her male counterpart — meet ChuanDo Tan, the 50-year-old dream daddy who is, in fact, old enough to be our dad.

Wassup wif the stoned face Nighty night ! #Kylechandesign #loveinitials

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DAMN, Daddy!
When other daddies age like spoiled milk, this one ages like fine wine.

Chuan is a photographer and runs a photography company with his partner called ChuanDo & Frey. The pair have done regular work for international fashion titles such as Jalouse, Muse, Numéro & Numéro Homme (China), L’Officiel & L’Officiel Hommes (Singapore), Harper’s Bazaar (Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Thailand), Elle (Singapore, Spain and Czech) and Arena (Singapore).

I didn’t change, I just woke up. #Morning ☀️🌊🌈🏖 – 2nd APR 11:50

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They also shot the album cover and images for Janet Jackson’s tenth studio album, “Discipline, in 2008.

When your transport stood you up 😱LOL #goingnuts #saturdaynight

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His secret to his dashingly good youthful looks remains a mystery, but we’re guessing that those six pack abs means that he works out hard and eats right.

#Newyear #resolution “I’ll be back!” 😂💪

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I mean, we could do laundry on his torso.
God, just take us into your superior daddy arms already.
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