53-Year-Old Singaporean Daddy Gets Daddy Sex Scene in His First Film and It’s Daddy AF

53-Year-Old Singaporean Daddy Gets Daddy Sex Scene in His First Film and It’s Daddy AF
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 19, 2019
Chuando Tan, the youthful quinquagenarian from Singapore, will be starring in an upcoming movie in which he will be baring some skin. 
Tan is reportedly set to play the lead actor in a murder drama, which includes a shower scene that will require him to strip, according to Straits Times.
Just to manage his fans’ expectations, Tan shared in an interview with 8days that he is not sure how much skin will be bared. However, despite the film containing a sex scene, he is quite certain that there will be no frontal nudity.
Tan says he doesn’t mind stripping for his role because a committed actor should be ready to comply with what the script is calling for. He further noted that as a photographer, he is used to being surrounded by models in various stages of undressing.
Taiwanese director Wayne Peng has been tasked to helm the film, which has not yet announced a title or release date.
Tan’s casting will also allow him to flex his acting skills as this is his first leading man role. He has recently been busy spending some time in China to seek opportunities in the local show business industry.
Tan’s online fame began after he posted photos of his chiseled abs and toned body in a bid to increase his social media followers and eventually get him more photography assignments. His hunky pictures proved to be quite effective in generating followers as his Instagram account now boasts 1.2 million followers.
Even his film co-star Tay Ping Hui, 48, has marveled at how Tan has somehow stopped aging.
“It has been decades since we worked on a project together and this fella has not aged a day,” Tay wrote in the caption of an image of them together.
Featured Image via Instagram / chuando_chuandoandfrey
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