Man Learns Ninja Skills By Reading ‘Naruto’ to Break into Store, Fails Miserably

A man was caught breaking into a store Perimeter Center Palace, Georgia, but explained to authorities that he was only practicing the ninja skills he learned after reading the popular manga “Naruto”.

The alarm company alerted local police after seeing Christopher Adkins forcibly entered through the back delivery door of a Target in Dunwoody during the middle of the night.

Unfortunately for Adkins, the police weren’t too amused by his ninja skills as he was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary.

Adkins came up with the idea of infiltrating the store after he read Volume 5 of “Naruto”. The fifth volume of “Naruto” sees the main character infiltrating a secured area, and Adkins decided to do the same thing as a ninja in real life, according to Fox26.

Perhaps Adkins might have fared better if he had tested his skills in a different ninja event. On the other hand, he could also head over to Japan since they apparently have a shortage of ninjas there.

Right Featured Image via Flickr / cocamert (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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