10 Gifts That Will Keep You Warm When Your Asian Parents Refuse to Turn the Heater On

10 Gifts That Will Keep You Warm When Your Asian Parents Refuse to Turn the Heater On
Jin Hyun
December 18, 2019
With Christmas just around the corner, it’s safe to say we’re officially in the winter months.
Especially for those of us living in Asian households with strict “no heater” rules, there really is no colder place on Earth than our own living rooms. We’re all too familiar with having to wear several layers of sweaters, coats and socks inside of our own homes during this time of year.
While turning off appliances and turning down the heater can be a great step towards being more environmentally conscious, it’s not ideal to be able to see your own breath inside the house.
If you’re shopping for someone who is desperate to keep warm this winter, here are 10 gift ideas to keep everyone cozy and prevent hypothermia.

1. This rechargeable hand warmer that lasts a hell of a lot longer than those disposable options.

Available on Amazon for $25.99

2. This adorable Totoro hot water bottle waist pouch that can keep your hands and tummy warm at the same time.

Available on Amazon for $15.88

3. These USB-powered heated s’mores slippers when boring old socks just aren’t good enough.

Available on Amazon for $37.95

4. This USB heated cashmere scarf to keep you looking stylish and warm even during awful winter storms.

Available on Amazon for $36.99

5. This fuzzy, oversized teddy bear hoodie perfect for cozy nights in with hot chocolate.

Available on Amazon for $46.99

6. This convenient mug warmer because in a house that feels more like a freezer, even a boiling hot cup of coffee goes freezing cold in a matter of minutes.

Available on Amazon for $8.79

7. These insanely cute, rechargeable hand warmers to keep your hands toasty while getting work done.

Available on Amazon for $36.95

8. This mini, plug-in space heater that also doubles as a night light.

Available on Amazon for $23.94

9. This heated blanket that will keep your bed warm way before you even climb in because no one likes a freezing cold bed.

Available on Amazon for $50.99

10. This heated pet bed because it would be cruel to leave your fur baby to freeze on their own!

Available on Amazon for $38.99
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