Memorial for Christina Yuna Lee, woman fatally stabbed in her NYC Chinatown apartment, gets desecrated

Christina Yuna Lee
  • A memorial outside the home of stabbing victim Christina Yuna Lee was vandalized overnight with smashed candles and scattered flowers.
  • Lee was followed home by Assamad Nash on Sunday morning and was stabbed 40 times in her sixth-floor apartment in New York City’s Chinatown.
  • Community members quickly worked together to repair the desecrated memorial, sweeping broken glass and replacing damaged flowers.

A memorial outside the apartment building of Christina Yuna Lee, who was stabbed 40 times in her New York City Chinatown apartment on Sunday morning, was found desecrated overnight.

The makeshift memorial in front of the building where Lee had lived featured flower bouquets, candles and signs protesting anti -Asian hate crimes. On Wednesday morning, however, the memorial was found vandalized with torn signs and smashed candles, reported the New York Post.

The landlord of the building that Lee had lived in, Brian Chin, told Fox News, “The street [was] full of smashed glass, candles knocked over, the signs were ripped off, flowers were scattered over the sidewalk.”

Lee, 35, was followed home on Sunday morning by Assamad Nash, 25, who then forced his way into her sixth-floor apartment and stabbed Lee 40 times, leaving her to die.

The Chinatown community was outraged after finding the vandalized memorial, and one member of Concerned Citizens of East Broadway, Jacky Wong, said, “The system is failing everyone,” reported Fox News.

Virginia Buchan, a teacher in Chinatown, told the New York Post, “I am angry and appalled. I find it incomprehensible. Why would someone take the trouble of destroying a peaceful memorial?”

People gathered to help clean and repair the damaged memorial. The director of Chinatown Business Improvement District, Wellington Chen, helped tape the signs back on the memorial and rearranged the scattered flowers while others helped to sweep up shards of glass from smashed candles, the New York Post reported.

Feature Image via CBS New York

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