Chrissy Teigen Reveals How Celebrities Fly Commercial Without Being Bothered

Chrissy Teigen Reveals How Celebrities Fly Commercial Without Being Bothered
Jin Hyun
December 9, 2019
Celebrities are regularly spotted at airports, leaving their gates upon arrival or onboard a flight in the first-class cabin.
However, they are rarely spotted queuing up at the departure gate with the rest of us commoners prior to boarding. So, how do these A-listers magically show up to their flights? Chrissy Teigen has solved that mystery for us, once and for all.
The conversation began when Teigen tweeted out, “it’s celebrity question asking time! Ask me, your favorite A list celebrity anything you would like to know about being a super huge A list celebrity.”
For hours Teigen spilled the details of what it’s like to be one of the rich and famous. Among the questions asked came from Twitter user @OhhMikee who asked, “How the frick do most celebrities travel on planes? Are you ever just hustling through the airport trying to make it to your gate on time?”
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The television personality, model, and Queen of Twitter candidly responded, “there is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for. they do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car. I know. I know.”
And sure enough, these private terminals exist at many major airports all around the world. Take The Private Suite at LAX, for example.
Deemed to be one of the most exclusive VIP airport terminals in the world, The Private Suite states that anyone can become a member of their terminal:
“Members of The Private Suite don’t wait in crowded lines because private TSA screening is done right in our building. Members don’t walk down long crowded concourses, or line up at ticket counters and boarding gates. They don’t deal with baggage,” the website states.
“And they don’t deal with paparazzi.”
Members wait for their flights in private suites with their own bathroom, food-service pantry, fully-stocked mini-bar, daybeds, and a view of the runway. When it’s time to board the flights, members will be driven across the tarmac directly to their aircraft.
But the perks don’t stop there. Eight staff members are assigned to each member of the private terminal — one person escorts members to the gated compound while another will escort the member directly to their suite.
Two staff members are also available to manage any special service requests, one member of staff will escort the guests through private TSA screening then into the BMW 7 Series sedan, and from there a driver will take the guests to their aircraft. At the aircraft, another person will be waiting to escort members into the aircraft while an unseen staff member will handle the luggage.
So how much will this all cost? The annual membership fee is $4,500, with an additional payment of $2,700 for a one-way domestic flight and $3,000 for a one-way international flight.
As a member, you can also pre-order complimentary gourmet meals, or book a complimentary manicure, haircut, or massage. In case of emergencies, members will also have a doctor available on call at all times.
If you’re someone who can spare an extra $10,000 for your next trip, it certainly sounds like an amazing experience. For the rest of us normies, I think we’ll be sticking with economy class.
Feature image left via @ThePrivateSuite, right via @ChrissyTeigen
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