Chrissy Teigen Claps Back at People Who Insist Wives Take Their Husband’s Last Name

Chrissy Teigen, known for her witty comments on Twitter, has chimed in on the discourse about women who don’t take their husband’s last name — and we couldn’t agree more.

The conversation started when Maami, lead vocalist of a group called Destiny’s Aunties, sought for reasons why women choose to do so.

Maami has received thousands of replies since her tweet in August, but it was on March 22 when Teigen — whose husband is John Legend — weighed in:

Teigen pointed at the fact that Legend is not the singer-songwriter’s real last name. He was born John Stevens.

“John Legend is a nickname that some friends started calling me and it kind of grew into my stage name,” Legend told MTV in a 2008 interview. “Legend is something that I never would have chosen for myself originally.”

However, Teigen elaborated her comment after one user said that she felt “attacked” for taking her husband’s name.

“The best part is, I am not anti-taking the last name at all. I was going to. [I] just never got around to it and it isn’t even the name he goes by. It wasn’t some grand statement not to. I just don’t see how the choice affects anyone else — why do people care so much!”


And as if Teigen’s fans didn’t already feast on a dose of #realtalk, the model also took an aim at another user who criticized her opinion.


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