Chris Rock’s Daughter Made Over $65,000 Selling Girl Scout Cookies at the Oscars

There were a handful of top contenders for Oscar awards last night, but host Chris Rock was the definite winner of the best dad award. The comedian and host of the 88th Academy Awards was disappointed that he wasn’t going to be around during an important time for his two daughters. That was when he had a brilliant idea.

He helped his daughters sell Girl Scout cookies by bringing them to the Dolby Theater during the show and encouraging the guests in attendance to purchase boxes of the cookies. The celebrities, stars and Oscar nominees pulled out their wallets as they were understandably excited to be able to munch on some Samoas during the Oscars.

Rock jokingly asked guests to reach into their “millionaire” pockets and buy some of his daughters’ cookies. Stars including John Legend, Mindy Kaling, Christian Bale and Sam Smith supported the Girl Scout troop by buying a few themselves.

At the end, Rock showed the impressive sales figure of $65,243 worth of Girl Scout cookies.


Wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be… #oscars

Posted by Chris Rock on Sunday, February 28, 2016

h/t: Esquire

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