Chow Yun-Fat Suffers Injury on Set Needing 5 Stitches, Handles It Like a Boss

Chow Yun-Fat Suffers Injury on Set Needing 5 Stitches, Handles It Like a Boss
Bryan Ke
March 8, 2019
Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat had a terrible accident while filming his scene for “Sunny Days” that resulted in the actor receiving five stitches for the wound.
The 63-year-old Hong Kong veteran actor was reportedly shooting a scene for the movie when Chow suffered accidental injuries to the side of his forehead, according to a report on Apple Daily as translated by AsiaOne.
Set photos published online show the actor bleeding profusely as set staff tend to his wound. He was shooting a scene with fellow Hong Kong actor Kenny Wong when the accident occurred, the report noted.
While injured, the actor still showed his professionalism in his craft and insisted to continue and finish the scene before excusing himself. However, staff noticed that he was bleeding badly from the cut that production staff had to call in his wife. Jasmine Tan, to take a look at the injury.
Tan was very concerned after seeing her husband’s injuries, but she admitted that they both have to calm themselves as they both did not want to worry the staff and most importantly Kenny who she tried to console saying nothing serious will happen to her husband.
I was very scared as he was bleeding so much. But, both of us had to keep calm as we did not want everyone on set to be worried, especially Kenny, who played his assailant in the scene,” she told Apple Daily.
Chow was later taken to the hospital with the film’s producer to see a doctor. As advised, the doctor suggested to shave the hair surrounding the wound to prevent a bacterial infection, but the actor was more concerned that this sudden change would affect the film than his own well-being.
After going to the hospital, Chow returned to the set with five stitches to his head and the staff praised him for his professional attitude.
Featured image screenshot via Facebook / TVB
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