This Hot Spring in China Literally Looks Like Sichuan Hot Pot

China just pushed its love for hot pot to a whole new level by opening a hot pot-inspired hot spring in Chongqing city.

Chongqing, a major city located in southwest China, is famous for its hot springs as well as its Sichuan-style hot pot restaurants, according to Shanghaiist. What better way is there to attract more tourists into the city than to combine two of its most famous attractions?

The hot spring also comes in four-sided metal pot just like the traditional and popular Chinese dish.

But in order to make it look like an actual hot pot, the hot spring’s water is colored red using various medicinal herbs, and there are also several floating plastic vegetables like chili and cabbage.

Interestingly enough, the water also reportedly gives out a “spicy” and “numbing” aroma.

However, the one thing that truly makes this an immersive experience is the massive chopsticks that can be used as props.

Check out the other pictures that are circulating on Chinese social media below:

Images via Weibo

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