Japanese Noodle Shop Launches Limited-Time Chocolate Pork Ramen for Valentine’s Day

A Japanese noodle chain has recently launched its limited-time chocolate ramen just in time for the Valentine’s Day season.

The ramen, despite it’s name, is not entirely made out of chocolate. According to Grapee, the base of the soup is actually soy sauce but the ramen chain, Kourakuen, added cacao oil as well as a whole chocolate bar to give it a rich chocolate look.

It is said in the report that the hot, soy sauce broth helps melt the chocolate bar in the ramen bowl.

Early reviews of the limited-time ramen suggest that this is surprisingly good. They say that it has a rich and salty taste, with a thick chocolate finish.

A bowl of this ramen would cost you 520 yen ($4.73). This special offer is available now until February 14.

Featured image (left) via Instagram / jleoun622, (right) via Instagram / aramichi_masahiro

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