Fitness Guru Chloe Ting Claps Back After Bodybuilder Posts Over 60 Instagram Stories Against Her

Fitness Guru Chloe Ting Claps Back After Bodybuilder Posts Over 60 Instagram Stories Against HerFitness Guru Chloe Ting Claps Back After Bodybuilder Posts Over 60 Instagram Stories Against Her
Australia-based fitness guru Chloe Ting clapped back at Chin Nian Kang after the Singaporean bodybuilder discredited her health tips and fitness routines in a series of 62 Instagram Stories.
Chin, a competitive bodybuilder and certified trainer according to his Instagram bio, called out the 34-year-old fitness guru on his Instagram Stories in June, describing her as a “public figure and a pretty face in yoga pants,” AsiaOne reported.
In one of his Stories, Chin labeled Ting’s work as “fake” and further claimed that she “knows nothing about fitness or dieting or lifting or training, but she’s really good at sounding like she does.”
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“She’s the epitome of the toxic body image of the ‘ideal’ modern female body: ‘Toned arms,’ small waist, flat belly, round butt, slim thighs,” he said after listing down the three traits that he considers to be “ideal” and criticized the way she titles her videos. “God forbid women do sports and have bigger thigh muscles. God forbid women lift weights to be stronger and fitter.”
He then went on to call the standards he mentioned as fuel to eating disorders and body dysmorphia.
“Don’t confuse ‘fitness’ with ‘physique/figure,’” Chin added. “You don’t have to look a certain way just because society says so, because people like her promote it.”
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Chin criticized Ting’s physique, saying she doesn’t “exactly have a GREAT figure” and a “decent muscular development either.” In a later entry, however, he admitted that she does look good and other “women would kill to have her figure.”
“Genetically, she has a small skeleton and a small waist because her fat is mostly distributed on her arms and legs,” he added. “She has some, but not great, glutes but anyone can appear to have a good booty in a pair of yoga pants.”
At one point, Chin commented on a moment when Ting was eating chocolate.
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“She’s basically saying don’t worry about whatever you eat, don’t worry about your weight, just do her magic 10 minutes workout and you will either gain muscle or lose fat, no diet needed,” he said.
Chin continued to criticize Ting in his exhaustive list of 62 Instagram Stories, including her heart rate, the food she eats, the way she exercises and how she doesn’t perform bicep curls “because that’s not ‘lady-friendly,’” he said.
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Ting took to her YouTube channel, which has over 13 million followers, to hit back at Chin, according to Mothership.
She played several clips of her past videos to support muscle growth.
“Muscles are great. They are metabolically more active. I like the look of it. […] I love muscles and I think you should too,” she narrated. “I have said this a million times over but muscle gain is a good thing. […] I also really love lifting heavyweights.”
She also showed a past video of her bicep curl routines in response to Chin’s claim that she avoided doing any for fear of gaining muscle. Ting spoke to two experts, Ben Buchanan, a psychologist who specializes in body dysmorphia and eating disorders, and Abbey Sharp, a registered dietitian, to address Chin’s claims.
She accused the bodybuilder of tearing someone down to help himself rise up to fame.
“If you wanted to grow your Instagram following and sell your PT services, you could have just done it the right way. Grow it organically, just like everyone else. It’s hard, but you gotta do it the right way!” she said.
Ting asserted that she never guaranteed followers would get abs from her workout routines based on the title of her videos.
“It’s easy for people to make a judgement or conclusion based on my workout title,” she continued.
The exchange between the two online fitness personalities continued when Chin, again, made a post about Ting’s response to his first Instagram Stories.
Chin tried to clarify that he didn’t body shame Ting in his initial posts in June. He accused Ting of cherry-picking his Stories, specifically his criticism of her figure but backtracked in another post. He did not apologize for his posts targeting Ting.
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“If I’m short and fat, and someone calls me short and fat, that’s not bodyshaming. That’s called observation,” he said. “Bodyshaming me would be along the lines of ‘why you gym so much you still so fat.’ She stuck the label of bodyshaming on me and brought in the big guns, her psychologist and dietitian friends who, with all due respect, were completely irrelevant to the 62 stories.”
Chin said he was allegedly bombarded with messages from Ting’s fans who were “too blind to see that the entire point” of his 62 Instagram Stories was about “misinformation.”
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