‘Overwatch’ Actor Apologizes for Criticizing Chloe Bennet For ‘Dating’ Logan Paul

Earlier today, Asian American actor Feodor Chin, who’s known for his role as the voice of Zenyatta from Overwatch, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on two of the biggest stories of 2018: Aziz Ansari’s sexual assault allegations and Logan Paul’s infamous “suicide forest” video.

Chloe Bennet

Chin was attempting to make what he believed to be a joke, wondering if he should be more disappointed about Aziz Ansari’s recent accusations of sexual misconduct or Chloe Bennet’s alleged relationship with Paul, a Vine star-turned-YouTuber who has a history of racism against Asians even before his infamous trip to Japan.

Bennet saw the tweet and responded thusly:

Chloe Bennet

She also further clarified the nature of their relationship, stating that Paul was a “co-worker” and a “friend” while making it clear that the mentality behind his “joke” was problematic.Chloe Bennet

Chloe Bennet

Realizing how his post was interpreted, Chin quickly wrote an apology to Bennet, saying that his tweet was a poorly-worded, tasteless joke and that he wanted to learn more about how he could change his thinking and learn how to do better.

Chloe Bennet

Netizens praised Chin for his response, a largely uncharacteristic move that they believed was genuine and sincere:

Additionally, Bennet’s fans also cheered the actress for her reaction:

Bennet has also accepted Chin’s apology and things looked patched up!

This is the first time Bennet has addressed her relationship with Logan Paul after the pair were photographed kissing on the beach by paparazzi last year. Paul, on the other hand, has mentioned it briefly:

“I kind of have to address this. I’m very transparent with you guys. Chloe and I are friends, for sure. In my opinion, friends sometimes make out. Touch butts,” Paul said in a video posted on July 6, 2017. “If you haven’t kissed your friends, I don’t think you’re friends. So that’s what Chloe and I were doing.”

Although Bennet and Paul did not appear together after they had been seen in their public display of affection, rumors circulated that they had been dating long afterwards; it wasn’t until a few days before Paul’s disgraceful video that the two discreetly, yet clearly, severed all ties with each other on social media.

Chloe Bennet

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Featured Image via Twitter / (Left): FeoChin | Instagram / (Right): ChloeBennet

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