Japanese-American Woman Epically Failing at Yoga Pose is My Spirit Animal

Twitter user, Chisa, who identifies as Japanese, went viral after an epic fail video of her doing yoga on a rather dangerous spot recently resurfaced online.

The 45-second clip made the rounds on the internet after it was posted on Reddit on Sunday.

The Twitter video, which was first posted back in May, shows Chisa doing a yoga pose while on a log over a rapidly running river. Then, everything went downhill from there as she accidentally lost her balance and fell into the river.

It was rather painful to watch, but she admitted in the Twitter thread that her ripped off fake nails hurt more than hitting her head during the fall.

Her video caused quite a stir in the comment section of Reddit. Some people expressed negative reactions, while others found an opportunity to take this funny — albeit horrible — experience and turn it into a humor fest.

Many were curious if she’s still alive. Luckily, Chisa made a recent update telling people who have seen her yoga fail video that she is doing well. She even struck the same pose she tried to make back in May near the very same river, but this time on a much safer rock.

Featured Image via Twitter / @Chisamariee

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