Someone is Posing as ‘Chipolte’ Customer Service on Facebook and the Results are Hilarious

Chipotle is known for many things from their excellent chicken burrito bowls, speedy lines to their generous portions. However, the casual fast-food chain has been getting a bad rap online as of late after a Facebook account, “Chipolte Mexican Grill”, posed as the company and posted funny and crude remarks in response to customers’ inquiries on Chipotle’s home page.

The subtle misspelling in the fake account has led to some rather honest and hilarious misunderstandings between customers and the Mexican food chain. Note that the authenticated Chipotle account has a blue check next to its name.

It doesn’t look like Rosa will be back at Chipotle anytime soon…

When poor DaVette learns she might have gotten E. Coli.

Regina probably didn’t see this coming when she got her salad.

Sandy probably shouldn’t try calling that number about her gift card.

Then there’s always the generic Customer Service troll.

Source: ViralThread
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