‘Asian Karen’ Calls Asian Man a ‘B**ch N**ga’ for Keeping the Peace in Neighborhood

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to point out the comments slamming the woman’s offensive remarks and to note that there is no publicly available comment confirming the identity of the man behind the camera.

A woman in Chino, California has been labeled an “Asian Karen” after she called an Asian man the N-word during an altercation.

The incident, which was caught on video, took place on a street in an unknown neighborhood, where some children had allegedly pulled a “ding-dong-ditch” prank.

Image Screenshot via @kuwtkarens

The video, filmed by the Asian man from his car, begins with him talking to an Asian couple who were expressing concerns about the prank, claiming that the repeated punching of their door had scared their children and sent the father to the hospital.

The Asian woman in question, who appears to be speaking to authorities, lashes out at the man, presumably for interfering in the matter.

As seen in the video, she first called him a “gangster,” but what she said next escalated the situation.

“You just look like a b*tch n***a, that’s what you look like,” the woman snapped.

Image Screenshot via @kuwtkarens

A group of teens, allegedly the pranksters who started it all, can be heard reacting at the woman’s outburst of the N-word.

“Now you’re wrong,” the man tells the woman. “Lady, I got you dropping N-words.”

The woman, now in apparent distress, defends her use of the word by saying that she listens to rap music all the time. She also suggests that the man must be using the N-word too.

“No!” the man yells back. “Hell no, I don’t! What the hell is wrong with you?”

Image Screenshot via @kuwtkarens

Throughout the video, the woman can be heard attempting to catch the man’s license plate, while the latter tries to find out the former’s address.

“My address is f*ck you,” the woman says.

To this, the man replies, “Yeah? That’s a f*cking great place to live.”

The video ends with the man calling the woman a “stupid b*tch” and the latter calling the former a “stupid n***a.”


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Sent in from one of our followers, here’s a incident involving some local community members that once again go from 0 to N-word real quick! With no racial intention (and pure coincidence), this event happened in Chino, California where an Asian man driving home witnesses some commotion in the streets. Apparently some kids in the neighborhood were doing a little ding dong ditch. As he stops his car, he gets into a verbal altercation with this Karen aka Pink Patty aka I listen to Rap Irene. Things get heated with the two and she decides to call him the N-word which is when it becomes an automatic no no. Obviously she tries to justify it with the same ol “I listen to rap music” excuse. Look, I get it, they’re upset with these immature kids and their antics, but there’s no reason to start throwing out the N-word just because (and the man is Asian). It’s not a good look on your Irene. Need some apologies or You About to Lose Yo Job! Get this dance 💃 . . . . #kuwtkarens #kuwtk #karensgonewild #karenmemes #funnymemes #memes #privilege #canispeaktoyourmanager #karen #karens #becky #patty #amy #susan #kevin #chad #viral #trending #shariniskaren #funnyvideos #gifs #funnyshit #funny #lol #lmao #mustsee #viralvideos

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The video, shared by Instagram account @kuwtkarens, has since received more than 42,000 views. Many slammed the woman for her anti-Black remarks, while others used stereotypes about Asian Americans.

@kuwtkarens has not named the man behind the camera and there is no publicly available comment confirming his identity.

Feature Image Screenshots via @kuwtkarens

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