Chinese Zoo Draws Backlash After Feeding Live Puppies to Massive Pythons

chinese zoo

Many visitors of a privately-owned small zoo located within Pingdingshan Riverside Park in Henan Province, China, were incredibly shocked when they witnessed live pythons being fed live puppies.

Visitors quickly took out their smartphones to film the gruesome scene. In one of the clips posted online, a brown puppy can be heard wailing as it awaits its tragic fate while the python sits in the corner, Shanghaiist via Medium reported.

In another clip, a large python had already encircled a seemingly unresponsive white puppy. Reports suspect it could either be sleeping or already had the life sucked out of it.

After the videos went viral online, a staff member from Pingdingshan Riverside Park told reporters that the zoo’s operation is in no way connected to how they operate the park, as the former is privately-owned and run. The worker also added that the small zoo has already put a stop to its method of feeding the pythons with live puppies.

A somewhat similar incident took place in China last year when the staff at the Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, pushed a terrified donkey into a tiger enclosure.

Featured image via YouTube / Today News (Left), Youku (Right)

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