Chinese YouTuber Takes Her Epic Lunch-Making Skills to the Outdoors

Chinese YouTuber Takes Her Epic Lunch-Making Skills to the OutdoorsChinese YouTuber Takes Her Epic Lunch-Making Skills to the Outdoors
Ms. Yeah, known for making
In a new video, Ms. Yeah and her co-workers get excited about a luxury tour of “Xin Ma Tai” (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) for the month’s team-building activity.
Unfortunately, a male office mate corrects them at once and points out that they’re instead heading for “Xin Ma Tai” that is Xin Du district, Ma Jia village and Tai Ping creek.
The team confirms that they’re not going too far when their supervisor brings in two chickens.
But as always, Ms. Yeah comes up with ways to make the best of things!
First, she takes the office’s water gallon and carves a bigger opening around its mouth.
She then takes the front grill of an electric fan and glues it to the water gallon.
The team of six finally goes out — and Ms. Yeah is back in action!
Upon reaching the creek, Ms. Yeah immediately sinks a watermelon in a shallow basin to keep it cool.
She then places the water gallon under another side of the creek.
Ms. Yeah goes on to cut some bamboo and plywood used by her co-workers for a board game.
As it turns out, Ms. Yeah is fashioning a rotisserie for the chickens!
She also roasts fish collected by the water gallon.
Can letting nature do the work be any more convenient?
To make them tasty, Ms. Yeah brushes some dressing she prepared ahead of the trip.
Needless to say, the team enjoyed their first lunch by the creek.
As usual, Ms. Yeah’s episode ends in a hilarious note, with her male co-worker chasing their vehicle naked.
The video has received 2.1 million views since its posting on Aug. 24.
Viewers adored Ms. Yeah:
“She is so good in cooking.”
“She is amazing.”
 “There is no girl like Ms. Yeah.”
“You’re a very talented person. Love you.”
“I love you Ms. Yeah!”
Watch the whole video below:
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