Chinese Women Post Selfies to Show Support For Stanford Rape Survivor

Last week, former Stanford swimmer Broke Turner was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault. Turner was given a six-month prison sentence (which since has been cut in half). The ruling has brought outrage across the U.S. and has caught the attention of a group of Chinese feminists, who has started a viral campaign to showing support for the victim.

#征集照片声援斯坦福被性侵女生 #Solidarity4StanfordSurvivor
Rape is a form of gender violence that is everywhere in the world. Sexist…

Posted by Free Chinese Feminists on Thursday, June 9, 2016

#NoRape Rape is a Crime!

This Monday (June 6th, 2016), Brock Turner, the defendant in Stanford rape…

Posted by Free Chinese Feminists on Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The group wrote on Facebook:

“We, Chinese feminist/queer activists, call for selfies with solidarity for the Stanford survivor. Come, Join us! Post your selfies, @FreeChineseFeminists (on Facebook) or @女权行动派吃不完 (on Weibo)”

Chinese women all around the world has responded to the call and posted their own selfies.

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