Chinese Woman’s Designer Dog Gets Mauled By Rottweiler on The Street

Chinese Woman’s Designer Dog Gets Mauled By Rottweiler on The Street

February 27, 2017
A Chinese woman’s designer dog was mauled to death by a Rottweiler when the two crossed paths during a walk with their respective owners in China.
According to Shanghaiist, a young woman and her small unleashed Zuchon were taking a walk in Ganzhou, Jiangxi province when a Rottweiler on a leash ran toward them.
In a swoop, the Rottweiler pounced on the smaller dog and bit its neck with a tight grip, killing the pup within seconds. Unable to defend her dog, the woman just watched as the attack happened.
The woman sought help from the Rottweiler owner to bring the poor victimized puppy to a vet, but the man refused.
He denied responsibility for the incident since the Zuchon was not on a leash. “Call the police! Go ahead!” he was heard screaming to the bystanders.
The video clip of the unfortunate attack shows the part when the bigger dog is already biting the smaller one but the Rottweiler owner seems to be not doing or saying anything to stop or restrain his dog.
The unnamed owner of the Rottweiler went to Chinese social media Weibo to tell his story. According to him, his dog was earlier tied to a tree, but the woman’s Zuchon went over to bother it over and over again.
He claimed that he warned her three times to keep her pet away but went back each time. It was not revealed, however, how the Rottweiler ended up chomping on the  Zuchon. He would later send a message to the woman that he could give her several thousands of yuan. “Do you want it or not? If you don’t, then just forget about it,” he wrote in the message.
It was not reported how the conflict was resolved in the end.
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