Chinese Woman’s Brutal Assault Finally Gets Justice After Her Story Goes Viral

Chinese Woman’s Brutal Assault Finally Gets Justice After Her Story Goes ViralChinese Woman’s Brutal Assault Finally Gets Justice After Her Story Goes Viral
The gruesome attack on two female tourists in China last November, which left both horribly injured, has made many Chinese netizens extremely angry.
The online community became even more pissed after one of the victims posted her story online on Tuesday, Shanghaiist reported.
The victim, identified only by her surname Dong, posted horrifying images of her injuries on the Chinese social media site Weibo. In her post, she revealed the lack of police response to the violent assault.
Her photos revealed how much damage her face received, all swollen and bruised beyond recognition. The woman’s eyes are black with blood clots while a long wound across her face required six stitches to fix.
She also detailed the horrific story on how she and her friend were violently assaulted by a dozen drunk men. The incident reportedly occurred inside a barbecue restaurant in Lijiang, a town in Yunnan Province frequented by tourists.
By her account, she narrated that she was hit with a beer bottle at the back of her head. They were then beaten up before they were dragged out to the street.
Once outside, a man slashed her face with the glass shard from a broken bottle. He even told her that he wanted to scar her for life. One of the perpetrators even took out his phone to record a video of the attack.
While the crime happened in public, no one attempted to stop it.
The victims’ phones were then taken and they were told to just tell police that they were in an “accident.” Before the goons left, they warned them that they are well-connected with the local authorities.
Months later, after the victim felt that the case has not progressed,  she decided to share her story online. Angry netizens have since condemned the lack of police action.
After the victim’s post went viral, Lijiang Public Security Bureau immediately announced that a special task force was created, which led to the arrest of six suspects.
On Friday, local news revealed that two of the apprehended suspects are unemployed, two of them work at a bar, one works at a sales company, and another is a golf course ball boy.
The local police’ investigation has been put in question, however, as a health assessment released last week indicated that the victim’s injuries were described only as “mild.”
Based on the photos alone, one can easily determine that at least one of the victims’ injuries are far from being “mild.”
The Lijiang police department is now being accused of covering up the crime.
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