Chinese Woman Wolfs Down 2 Durians After The Smell Prevented Her From Boarding a Train

Chinese Woman Wolfs Down 2 Durians After The Smell Prevented Her From Boarding a Train
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
January 19, 2017
A Chinese woman, who was stopped by railway officials from riding the train in Chengdu because the two durians she was carrying smelled so bad, decided to quickly eat the fruits before boarding.
The Chengdu Business Post reported that the unidentified 27-year-old woman, who was traveling to Chongqing while carrying the two pungent fruits with her, told the security officers who stopped her:
You guys really don’t know how to appreciate durian.
Even though durians are prickly on the outside, she used her hands to crack open the fruit, handing pieces out to passers-by.
Eat some — I can’t finish it all, and it’s such a waste to throw them away. I spent over 200 yuan ($30) on it,” the woman explained to the train officials.
An average durian contains as much as 1,350 calories, and has about 32 grams of fat, 49% of the recommended intake of a 2,000 calorie daily diet, according to Mashable.
The Southeast Asian fruit is prohibited from most hotels, airlines and subway trains because of its odor, which smells like a mix of onions, gas leaks and used socks.
While the woman wasn’t about to waste perfectly good durians, Chinese netizens said she shouldn’t have brought the stinky fruit onboard.
Every time I go travelling with my friends, they’ll always eat durian. I’ll always avoid them by going to be bathroom, because it’s the only place that smells nice at that point…damn it, one time they put my phone and the durians together and it was definitely not an accident,” said one social media user.
But some people actually like durian, which has a custard-like texture.
Another user commented: “I don’t have objections if you bring durian onboard — but if you let me smell durian and refuse to share, I will object.
A similar situation occurred back in March as one woman downed an 11-pound durian after she was prevented from entering an Anhui train station with the exotic fruit, according to the Shanghaiist.
She stopped eating only when she noticed her train was about to depart and her nose somehow started bleeding.
Image via Flickr / Francis Chung
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