Chinese Woman Watches Her $430,000 Bentley Roll Straight into a Wall

A woman in China watched helplessly as her 3 million yuan ($430,000) Bentley rolled off by itself, crashing straight into a parking lot wall in southwest China’s Chongqing.
The disheartening scene, which was caught on a dash cam footage from a car inside the parking lot, showed the unidentified car owner chasing her vehicle down a slope in a parking garage as it smashed into a wall at the bottom of the ramp.
In the footage, the woman was first seen stepping out of her car to pay for parking. Apparently forgetting to turn the parking brake on, the woman ended up watching her luxury car begin to slowly roll down the slope after the gate opened.
She then made a desperate dash forward trying to stop her car, but she was thrown down to the ground while her expensive car went straight into a wall, smashing its hood.
“Before getting out the car to swipe into the car park, the driver didn’t shift into first gear but left the car in neutral instead, and she also didn’t apply the handbrake. The car rolled forward and knocked into the wall,” a local traffic officer was quoted as saying.
The authorities have placed the entire blame on the driver. According to CCTV news, aside from worrying about her car’s expensive repair costs, she also needs to have the destroyed wall repaired.
Thankfully, no one was hurt, nor injured in the incident.
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