Chinese Woman Tries to Drown Herself, Fails Because of Her ‘High Fat Content’

A Chinese woman’s plan of ending her life ended unsuccessfully thanks to the laws of physics.

The unidentified woman attempted to drown herself in a river in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, on Friday.

However, she failed to sink in the process. Nearby fishermen found her just in time and called for help.

According to The Straits Times, the city’s rescue services dispatched three emergency vehicles and 15 officials to the scene. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

But saving her from the scene was not easy. Rescuers struggled to put a lifesaving waist belt around her because of her size, South China Morning Post said.

An expert explained that the woman failed to sink because her body had a “high fat content,” Sin Chew Daily noted. Meanwhile, her clothes helped her stay afloat.

The reason behind her suicide attempt is unknown, but a man who identified as her friend said she was from Sichuan province.

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