Chinese Woman Swallowed by Gaping Hole in Train Station

Chinese Woman Swallowed by Gaping Hole in Train StationChinese Woman Swallowed by Gaping Hole in Train Station
A security camera has recently captured a video of a woman falling through covered train station floor in China on Saturday.
The woman, whose name still remains unknown, miraculously only suffered minor abrasions from her fall through an open floor in Shenzhen Metro, Straits Times reported.
The clip was originally posted on the Chinese video platform Pear Video and quickly went viral. The video starts innocuously enough; it was business as usual for the metro patrons with nothing out of order. Soon, a woman and a male companion, possibly her husband or boyfriend, approached the escalator.
Before she could take another step, the floor below her suddenly collapsed, leaving an open dark pit. The man, in a very swift move, tried to catch her but failed in the process. He was seen lowering half of his body inside the hole as he tried to reach for the woman.
Several passersby came to their aid after witnessing the incident, and the woman was eventually pulled out of the gaping hole.
She was taken to the local hospital but was discharged after physicians confirmed she didn’t suffer any serious injuries aside from several cuts on her arms and legs.
Shenzhen Metro, on its official Weibo post, confirmed that the hole is a damaged manhole cover. “Train station staff subsequently rushed to the scene and accompanied her to the hospital,” the station said.
Image via YouTube / hj
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