Chinese Woman Steals Nearly $300,000 to Fuel Her Shopping Addiction

Chinese Woman Steals Nearly $300,000 to Fuel Her Shopping Addiction
King Malleta
April 6, 2017
Shopping can be fun and therapeutic, but it can also turn into a rabid addiction that leads to a life of crime, at least for one woman in China.
According to South China Morning Post, an unnamed woman from Wenzhou turned herself in to the police after she realized that she didn’t have the money to pay back the hundreds of thousands of dollars she stole from work.
The 26-year-old woman had embezzled around $290,000 after finding loopholes in the accounting of the firm she was working for.
When the police came to her house, they found almost 1,000 lipsticks, clothes, bags, and perfumes. Most of the items were still unopened and some clothes still unused because she just wants to show them off on social media.
“I just wanted to buy them when I saw beautiful pictures of lipsticks and perfume,” she said.
The woman, who has a three-year-old child, reasoned that online shopping gave her an adrenaline rush, AsiaOne reported.
Psychology experts believe that the woman suffers from a compulsive buying disorder. People who suffer from this condition shops impulsively because they find it hard to resist shopping urges.
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