Chinese Woman Spends $1,450 on 900 Taxis to Propose to Boyfriend

Many people are used to seeing impressive wedding proposals from men, but one woman in China stepped it up a notch to make sure that her boyfriend said “Yes.”

Although they say it’s common to see love messages displayed via taxis in Zhoushan, China, this woman made sure that all eyes would be on her and her soon-to-be groom.

According to Stomp, the woman spent roughly $1,450 to advertise in more than 900 taxis. Each of the taxis she rented displayed the message: “Zhang Jianfeng, I want to marry you” for two hours.

Most women would find the gesture very romantic if their boyfriends were to do such thing. But it can be tricky when you’re a woman trying to propose marriage to a man.

Thankfully for her, her efforts paid off when her boyfriend accepted her proposal.

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