Chinese Woman A‌ss‌aul‌te‌d By Racist Couple in Front of Family in Canada

A Chinese woman claims she was hit by an impatient couple’s car and was told to, “Go back to your country you Chinese Ch*nk B*tch” while leaving a parking lot in Ottawa, Canada.

Jenny Dao-D’Angelo recalled a racist encounter on Facebook where she was attacked by a couple while walking to her car with her baby, mother, and 88-year old grandmother.

Dao-D’Angelo explained that, “This woman and her husband impatiently waiting for a parking spot right beside me (note that there are many available spots in the lot including the one over) – made racist remarks to me, hit me with their car that was not captured in this video and finally aggressively and intentionally hit me on my left shoulder.”

The victim pulled out her phone to record the as‌‌sa‌ul‌t after the one of the individuals uttered the remark, “Go back to your country you Chinese Ch*nk B*tch.”

In the video, the a‌tt‌ack‌‌er is seen physically hi‌‌tti‌ng Dao-D’Angelo while her husband makes mocking gestures.

What Dao-D’Angelo finds the most offensive of this terrible ordeal is that she had her baby with her the entire time.

“I have been told this is NOT the first time this couple has done this,” Dao-D’Angelo noted after filing a police report.

She hopes that the racist couple, “will NEVER have the opportunity to do this to someone else whether they be from Asian or a different descent.”

The video has garnered over 210,000 views and 3,000 shares with many expressing their disgust over the couple’s actions.

Feature Image via Facebook / Jenny Dao-D’Angelo

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