Chinese Woman is Possibly the World’s Fastest Money Counter

Chinese Woman is Possibly the World’s Fastest Money CounterChinese Woman is Possibly the World’s Fastest Money Counter
A woman in China has become an overnight internet sensation after a video showing her extraordinary money-counting skills went viral.
In the clip, an unnamed female cashier attendant from Weifang in Shandong province is shown expertly counting through large bundles of banknotes in a breeze.
Her talent and methodology are so impressive that Chinese social media has dubbed her the human counting machine.
The footage was reportedly taken during a cash counting contest hosted by the company she’s currently employed at. Her original video has been viewed over five million times and has been re-uploaded in various video-sharing sites.
According to Daily Mail, the competition sought to determine who the fastest and most accurate money counter in the firm was. What everybody discovered was nothing short of superhuman.
The woman’s focus is undeniably evident in the 2-minute clip as she employs a clever technique, using all her right hand’s fingers in counting.  After finishing a bundle she jots down the total and then starts again.
Apparently, there are other practitioners of the impressive five-finger counting method displayed by our cash-flicking heroine.  Other talented counters also posted their own videos of money-counting following the cashier’s overnight popularity.
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