Chinese Woman Pays $1,300 for an iPhone 6s Online, Receives a ‘Pear’ Phone Instead

One Chinese woman believed she had ordered an Apple iPhone online but ended up with something completely but not-so-entirely different — a Pear Phone.

The woman, who purchased an Apple iPhone 6s online, was surprised to find that she had received a Pear phone instead. The woman identified by her surname Zhao from Wuxi thought she had discovered a fantastic online deal for a new iPhone 6s. According to NetEase, Zhao agreed to pay $525 (3,400 RMB) for the product.

The scammer then messaged Zhao with the unfortunate news that the iPhone had been confiscated by customs and to retrieve it back she would need to pay an additional $772 (5,000 RMB.) The con artist assured the woman that she would be fully refunded after she had received the phone.

Zhao unluckily bought into the ploy and transferred more money over. When she received the package she unwrapped a phone with a pear on it instead.

The seller then blacklisted her, leaving her out nearly $1,300 with a knockoff phone. Just another day in China, it seems

h/t: Shanghaiist
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