Chinese Woman Uses an Unusual Tactic to Try to Get Her Lost Dog Back

Instead of offering a reward for her lost dog, one woman in eastern China said she wants her pet returned because he is too dumb and expensive for anyone else to raise.
The Hangzhou-based Metro Express, via the South China Morning Post, reported that the woman, surnamed Chen, posted a message on a tree that read:
“I lost a white one-year-old French bulldog (male). It has a very low IQ, so it must have been taken away by someone. The dog’s skin disease costs about 1,000 yuan a week for treatment. He also smells bad and has serious ear mites. You cannot afford to raise it, so please return him to me, thanks!”
According to Chen, her dog, who went missing on Dec. 6, really does have a skin condition and her notice was not meant to just scare whoever might have taken her dog into giving it back.
“It’s not easy to raise a French bulldog,” she said.
The original report cited a study on the working and obedience IQs of different dog breeds conducted by Stanley Coren, a University of British Columbia psychology professor famed for his research on dog intelligence.
French bulldogs are ranked at 58 out of the 80 dog breeds on the list. They are included in the group of dog breeds considered to have fair working/obedience intelligence, needing 40 to 80 repetitions of a new command to learn it.
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