Chinese Woman Kills a Live Animal Just to Get on a Train

Chinese Woman Kills a Live Animal Just to Get on a Train
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
January 21, 2016
Rather than miss her train ride, a Chinese woman slit the throat of a duck she was carrying in front of other passengers.
The woman, in her 20s, killed the duck being carried inside her handbag because she was told live animals, except for guide dogs, were not allowed on the train, reports (via South China Morning Post).
She killed the duck using a fruit knife she borrowed from another passenger. While she waited for it to bleed to death in front of the Chengdu train station security checkpoint, she placed anewspaper on the floor to soak up the blood.
Witnesses shared photographs of the incident on Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent, afterward.
“Butchering a duck in public area is definitely inappropriate,” a station manager was quoted as saying.
The manager said security staff should have stopped the woman and that changes would be implemented so that something like it could not happen again.
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