Chinese Woman Gives Birth in Internet Cafe, Continues Surfing Internet Covered in Blood

Chinese Woman Gives Birth in Internet Cafe, Continues Surfing Internet Covered in Blood
Augustine Reyes Chan
May 15, 2015
A pregnant woman ended up giving birth in the restroom of an internet cafe in Nanchang, China, on Monday.
The next step for the woman wasn’t to rush to the hospital or ask for help from other customers — for Xiao Li, 24, it was going back to her computer to surf the internet, as if nothing had happened.
Li left behind a trail of blood as she emerged from the bathroom with her baby in tow. While workers called an ambulance, she headed straight for her chair to play at her computer while her baby’s umbilical cord was still attached, both of them slicked in blood, People’s Daily Online reports. Both the staff and the customers looked on in shock.
Well, at least she had her priorities in order.
It was a cleaner who found Li and her baby in the toilet stall. Li refused help from the cleaner, who later told a local TV station:

“There was a lot of blood. It totally blocked the toilet. She initially just stood there shaking and covered in blood but then she sat down and continued surfing [the internet].”

Li had originally left her home over a family dispute. On her trip back, she intended to find a hotel room to rest in, but was pickpocketed, which is why she ended up at an internet cafe at 4 a.m. Li said,

“I was on the bus on my way home. My money was stolen on the bus and this left me with just 30 yuan ($5) so I couldn’t afford a room at a hotel.”

Fortunately for Li, the hospital comped her medical treatment, and the nurses even gifted her new clothes.
While in the hospital, Li says that her parents and ex-boyfriend, the father of the baby, will soon visit to draw up a gameplan for her and her child.
Source: The Daily Mail
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