Chinese Woman Gets Refund Because the iPhone X Thinks All Asians Look the Same

A woman from Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China has been offered two refunds after both her iPhone X devices were unlocked by her colleague through faulty facial recognition.

The woman, who wishes to be referred to by her last name, Yan, told the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation that she set up the facial recognition software as instructed when she purchased her new iPhone X; despite this, a colleague, when testing the feature, was able to unlock the phone by using her face.

When she called Apple support, the company didn’t believe her and refused to take action, according to South China Morning Post. So Yan and the colleague went to a nearby Apple store to prove to the employees that the facial recognition software was faulty. The employees agreed that the camera was perhaps faulty and extended a refund.

Yan purchased another iPhone X and configured the software to unlock upon recognizing her face, only to again fail — her colleague was still able to unlock the phone. She went back to the shop to report the faulty software, and the employees again offered her a refund.

It is unknown if Yan has used this money to purchase a third iPhone X.

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