Chinese Woman Finds Out Her Botched Boob Job Was Performed By a Dentist

Chinese Woman Finds Out Her Botched Boob Job Was Performed By a Dentist
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 21, 2017
Nowadays, pretty much any licensed physician can do plastic surgery, regardless of their lack of training in the field.
The practice, which has become the norm for many parts of the world, may lead to botched procedures and other complications.
Just recently, a woman in China learned a terrible lesson after having her breast surgery done by a surgeon she did not know was a dentist, Shanghaiist reports. 
The woman, named Li Ying, underwent an operation at a plastic surgery hospital in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province to get her breasts enlarged.
Not long after the surgery, Ying noticed that liquid and puss started to seep out of her breasts. Even her nipples appeared to be deteriorating in form as days passed.
She then consulted her surgeon by sending a photo of her breasts on WeChat. She was told that it was all very normal and was assured that there was nothing to worry about. The doctor even asked her to visit the hospital the next day.
Ying, instead, sought a second opinion and visited a hospital in Shanghai. There, she was immediately told by doctors that she was already suffering from serious complications from her botched boob job.
She was diagnosed with “necrosis of the breast.” Her implants were soon removed, and the doctors found that her breasts had deteriorated with the nerves becoming unresponsive.
Luckily for Ying, the surgeons at the Shanghai hospital were able to fix her botched boob job.
When she later sued the provincial hospital, it was revealed that her surgery was actually performed by an oral surgeon who may not have even acquired a license to perform plastic surgery.
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