Chinese Woman Discovers That Her Breast Implants Have Traveled To Her Stomach

A middle-aged Chinese woman, who in her younger years had her breasts enlarged via polyacrylamide hydrogel injections, recently found that her injected breast implants have “dropped” all the way down to her abdomen.

The woman, identified by the surname Wang, reportedly noticed that her breasts were shrinking in size as time passed while her stomach was getting bigger.

Wang only discovered what was actually happening to her breasts after seeking medical advice from a hospital in China, according to NetEase (via Shanghaiist).

The doctors who studied her condition found that Wang’s breast implants had gradually descended to her belly. Her doctors discovered that Wang had received injections which consisted of a banned substance called “Amazingel” (奥美定). The injection, containing polyacrylamide hydrogel, had been prohibited in China for almost a decade.

In the early 2000s, polyacrylamide hydrogel became a popular form of injectable permanent filler that appeared to be ideal for breast implants. Research on the substance’s safety, however, revealed that the injections can produce various health complications.

Aside from being carcinogenic, the substance in Amazingel has become notorious for “traveling” to different areas of the body, with reported cases of the gel migrating from the breasts to the stomach or underarms. 

Following the discovery, Wang’s doctors conducted a surgical operation and safely removed the Amazingel from her abdomen.

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