Chinese Woman Discovers Her ‘Boyfriend’ is a Woman After Living Together For 6 Months

Chinese Woman Discovers Her ‘Boyfriend’ is a Woman After Living Together For 6 Months
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
January 8, 2018
A woman in China was left devastated and heartbroken after her “boyfriend” left her without a trace.
Wang Qi, a 40-year-old divorced woman from Zhejiang Province, met “Qian”  online in 2016, according to Nanguo Metropolis Daily (via Shanghaiist). She was initially not interested, thinking they’d be incompatible due to him being younger and that she was a single mom.
However, Qian was persistent in pursing her and the couple began dating in June 2016. They moved in together shortly after. After over a year of dating, Qian suddenly disappeared without a trace. He wouldn’t answer Wang’s emails and even changed his WeChat handle.
Wang was desperate for answers, especially since she spent around 300,000 yuan (roughly $4614.90) on him. After searching all over for him, she was shocked to discover that his ID card identified him as a female. This made her look back at their relationship in more detail.
Although they lived and slept together, they’ve never had sexual intercourse throughout their relationship. Qian reportedly told Wang that he wanted to wait until marriage. She also told reporters that he didn’t look like a woman to her, was flat-chested and always used the men’s bathroom.
After confronting his parents, Wang discovered from Qian’s father that he was his only daughter and has always liked wearing men’s clothes.
It should be noted that Wang did not reveal nor was it confirmed the gender Qian identified as.
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