Chinese Woman Destroys Warriors’ Klay Thompson at Arcade Basketball Game

Being a four-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion, basketball superstar Klay Thompson has very little left to prove about his skills on the basketball court.

However, his alter ego #ChinaKlay has yet to show his amazing basketball prowess in China, where he seems to get consistently humiliated.  

Last year, Thompson did a sad attempt at a 360 dunk on an outdoor court, which is still fresh on the minds of his Chinese fans.

The 6-foot-7 shooting guard suffered another humiliation, this time under the hands of a talented Chinese woman.

Thompson was back in China this week for his latest off-season tour and decided to challenge a girl in a pop-a-shot game. It turns out the woman is a machine at the popular arcade basketball game and ended up sinking basket after basket without missing a shot. 

With blazing fast hands and accuracy that rivals Thompson’s sharpshooting teammate Stephen Curry, the unnamed woman simply outclassed the 28-year-old Golden State Warriors star in the brief friendly contest.

Thompson, whose China tour is sponsored by Chinese shoe company Anta, also appears to have lost his cool in the country when his friend was fouled hard by an opposing player during a pickup game, reports TMZ.

Featured Image via (Left) Instagram / klaythompson, (Right) Twitter / NBCSWarriors

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