Chinese Woman Chooses To Abort Unborn Baby to Save Her Older Brother

A young woman in China was faced with a very tough decision no one would ever wants to face: secure the life of her unborn child, or save her brother from certain death.  
The unimaginable choice was forced upon 24-year-old Yang Li from Hangzhou City, the Daily Mail reported. While she was three months into her pregnancy, Li made the difficult decision of giving up her unborn baby so she could provide a bone marrow transplant for her 29-year-old brother, Yang Jun.
In September 2015, her older sibling was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks the immune system.
They were then told by doctors that the only way for her brother to survive was through a bone marrow transplant in which  Li was identified as a perfect match. Unfortunately, donating marrow during her pregnancy would cause a massive negative effect on her child. The doctors advised Li and her family to to choose either save her brother through the transplant or keep her baby.
When Li made the decision to save her brother, she had the full support of her husband and in-laws. She is now reportedly recovering at a hospital in Hangzhou after undergoing a recent abortion surgery. Once she has fully recovered, the doctors will proceed with the marrow transplant to save Yang Jun.
In social media discussions, many Chinese netizens expressed that they understood how difficult Li’s decision was to make. However, while many hail Yang Li for being a hero in sacrificing her child to save her beloved sibling, there are others who criticized her for aborting her child.
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