Chinese Woman Calling Black Man the N-Word is Just a Horrible Misunderstanding

The use of the N-word has extremely horrible origins to it. Today, some black people will use to use it to each other — some are supportive of this action while others would think otherwise.
However, I think we call collectively agree that unless you are a black person, there are absolutely ZERO circumstances you should ever use the word.
In a video which was uploaded about a year ago, a black man was working on a street food cart somewhere in China when a customer approaches him.
Everything is going fine until the woman apparently uses the N-word on the man.
The man, who can’t seem to believe what he just heard, asked what the woman said.
When she repeats it, all hell breaks loose.
Who can blame him? No one likes to be disrespected like that.
Eventually, a man intervenes and tries to explain.
However, the man remains offended and tells the woman to get out of here.
This was all just a horrible misunderstanding. In the Chinese language, the phrase “那个”, pronounced “nei ga” can be used in a few different contexts. 那个 can be used as a filler word like how English people use “um” or ugh” when thinking of what to say next.
In this particular context, the woman said “mai nei ga”, which simply means “I want to buy this one”. This phrase is popular amongst Chinese people from the North. Watch the full video below for an explanation.
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