Chinese Woman Almost Goes Blind After Binge-Watching Korean Dramas

A Chinese woman’s addiction to Korean TV drama series almost caused her to go blind after binge watching 18 straight episodes of her favorite shows.
The 20-year-old woman sought medical attention after she felt that her eyes were “ready to burst out from her skull,” according to Shanghaiist (via China Daily). Aside for the stinging pain, the woman also experienced blurred vision, redness and a headache.
The unidentified woman from Nanjing spent her day focused on her tablet watching 16 episodes of the Korean series “Cheese in the Trap” and two episodes of “Descendants of the Sun.”  She reportedly took breaks only to eat and sleep.
She went to the hospital the next day after she felt her pain got worse. The attending doctors diagnosed her with acute glaucoma and advised that she could have gone blind if she hadn’t gone to the hospital immediately.
Korean drama has become so popular in China that it even caused its state entertainment regulators to impose greater limits on foreign television content.
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