Chinese Wedding Turns into a Battlefield With Insane Amount of Firecrackers

Modern Chinese weddings have become known for their elaborate celebrations that often involve some spectacle of sorts — but this one takes the cake for literally being the most explosive!

One couple in China decided to let sparks fly during their special day by using a variety of firecrackers during their ceremony.

In the short video clip, which first posted on LiveLeak, the wedding venue appears to end up looking like a battleground, filling the area with smoke.

Guests can be seen hurling different types of firecrackers as the couple and their entourage pass by in a parade. It was not reported if someone got hurt from all the explosions.  

The footage of the explosive scene has been widely shared and re-uploaded on other social media platforms.

While not many details are known about the conception of the wedding’s warzone theme, it may have to do with the belief in Chinese culture that firecrackers can drive away evil spirits. That, or the bride and groom are just a pair of pyromaniacs who want to mark their wedding day with loud explosions, towering flames, and clouds of dark smoke.

Either way, it appears that the couple and their guests had a great time with the one-of-a-kind nuptial celebration.

Featured image via LiveLeak / Mr_Botchan

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