Disturbing Video Shows Wedding Guests Ripping Bride’s Clothes Off as Groom Laughs

In a video posted recently on Miaopai, a Chinese video-sharing platform, male wedding guests are seen ripping off the bride’s clothes while the groom looks on.
The video was reportedly filmed at a Chinese couple’s wedding and shows both the bride and groom on a bed while guests can be seen trying to rip her underwear off.
She then covers herself with the blanket, but it’s promptly pulled off again by the guests.
The groom laughs and appears unfazed through the whole situation. He even pulls his bride back to his friends as she’s trying to get away.
Eventually, the bride is able to free herself from her husbands grasp and goes to the corner of the bed to try and put her clothes back on.
I have no idea if they is a game or some sort of ritual. I don’t know about her, but if that was me, I’d be extremely pissed and feel violated.
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