Sex Survey Reveals Chinese Teens are Now Losing Their Virginity at 17

A new survey in China has revealed that the age of which young people first have sex is going down.

The Chinese survey was conducted by Peking University and a mainland-based dating site last year. Researchers polled 80,000 people in 34 cities across China for two months on their sexual habits and contraceptive usage.

Results found that teens born after 1995 first had sex at the average age of 17, compared to the average age of 19 for people born after 1990. The average age for first having sex for people born in the 1980s was 22. The current age of consent in China is 14.

The survey also found that only 35% of teens use any kind of contraceptive, a drop from 40% for those born between 1985 and 1994. The survey also revealed that only 20% of people born in the 1970s use contraceptives.

Last year another Chinese survey found that 70% of Chinese people were dissatisfied with their sex lives.


h/t: Shanghaiist
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