Chinese Villagers Fight Forced Demolition of Their Homes With Homemade Cannons

An old video showing how Chinese villagers fought back against construction workers and their huge excavators using their own what seems to be home-made canons is going viral again.

The clip, which originally surfaced and reported by Chinese media in 2015, has been spotted doing rounds online again on Reddit.

It shows a 70-second long clip of villagers fighting back against construction workers by using projectiles that looks similar to a mortar canon.

The story behind the original video, which was posted on China’s Twitter-like social media platform Weibo on September 11, 2015, was unclear.

According to The Epoch Times, Chinese land developers forcefully took the villagers’ land away from them while providing little compensation for the take over. The farmers then devised a way to shoot what looks like rocket-propelled projectiles to scare away the construction workers and their equipment.

Villagers who were in the middle of the crossfire had to duck their heads down or hide behind something in order to not get hit by the projectiles.

Images via YouTube / Weibo Official Channel

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