Chinese Villagers Brutally Slaughter Endangered Sea Turtle For Food

An endangered giant sea turtle was brutally butchered and sold to villagers in China’s Guangdong Province.

The leatherback reptile sold like hot cakes in just two hours. Pictures and footage of the gruesome scene have spread on social media.

The killing took place on December 6 in southern Guangdong’s Zhanjiang, Shanghaiist reported. The turtle, which weighed 208 kg (458 lbs), was dragged on the shore and slaughtered immediately.

The poor animal reportedly sold for 140 yuan ($20) per kilogram. As per local news site Sohu, the seller made 20,000 yuan ($2,907) in total.

Guangdong authorities have started investigations on the matter. The illegal hunting and killing of such turtles is a criminal offense in China, where they are given second-class conservation status.

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