Chinese University Implements Absurd ‘Female Urinals’ to Conserve Water

Chinese University Implements Absurd ‘Female Urinals’ to Conserve Water
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 13, 2017
In an effort to conserve water, a university in Shaanxi, China has devised a peculiar way for female students to use the bathroom.
Apparently, the water shortage in Xi’an Jiaotong University has become so bad that the university administration has decided to install “female urinals” to minimize the use of water in the campus, SouthCN reported (via Shanghaiist).
4 urinal
Images of the so-called female urinals have emerged online and have since gone viral on Chinese social media. According to the labels posted on each urinal, the newly installed system will help save 160 tons of water every day. Impressive huh? 
However, the photos of the seemingly drastic solution also reveal that the urinals for women are actually exactly the same as those usually found in the men’s room.
“But just how does this Chinese innovation work,” you may ask?
With the help of a fancy tool called “folded cardboard”, women can use the funnel the pee straight to the urinal drain, thus eliminating the need for an excessive use of water to rinse a toilet.
Netizens can’t help but make a laugh out of it: “Sure, you’re saving water, but aren’t you wasting paper?” one commenter pointed out.
For now, female students will just have to adjust in the new way of relieving themselves during the crisis.
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