Chinese University Only Hires Gorgeous Female Teachers

Chinese University Only Hires Gorgeous Female Teachers
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 23, 2016
Several female teachers from a university in China are breaking the Chinese internet after their school uploaded stunning photos of them on social media.
Teacher Huang Leiping Teacher Huang Leiping
The exceptionally good-looking Sichuan Normal University educators have become a hot topic on Chinese sites and are now being billed as “goddesses” since their gorgeous pictures were posted on the university’s WeChat account on May 7 and September 19.
Teacher Chu Ziki
The school featured 16 teachers who specialize in teaching different majors such as singing, dancing, artistic design, theater and English.
Teacher Dong Jing
Chengdu, the city where the school is located, is actually popular for its beautiful women. However, it is no coincidence that all the female teachers are attractive — it is a school policy to actually hire exceptionally good-looking female teachers.
Teacher Li Qingqing
The school’s social media publicity supervisor, surnamed Xu, told Daily Mail that the female teachers are selected based not only on their academic achievements, but also on their popularity and appearances.
Teacher Wang Ying
“Because we’re a teachers’ college. Our students will be teachers in the future. We wanted these lectures to be their examples and to show them what they could become,” Xu said.
Teacher Wei Yina
Xu claims that these heartthrob female teachers have been inspiring students to sitting in on extra classes and studying harder.
“Students are very willing to take their lessons. Some said they would sit in on extra classes just to see these teachers,” she said.
Teacher Yang Tao
Praises for the teachers’ beauty flooded the comments section.
“If I were still studying, I would surely work harder,” said one commenter.
“They are impossibly beautiful,” commented another one.

The teaching goddesses, while loved by many, have earned their share of criticisms but with comments mostly directed at the school’s hiring method. Some netizens point out that their teaching skills should always  be more important than looks.
“’It’s no use to say they are pretty. The key is if they know how to teach and if they teach hard,” one netizen said.
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