Ultra-sound Footage Shows Chinese Twin Sisters Literally Fighting Since They Were in the Womb


Baby twin sisters Tao Yimo and Tao Yi’an were still inside their mother’s womb when they became instant social media sensations in China.

The pair went viral after a video from their mom’s ultrasound scan showed them in an apparent scuffle inside the womb.

Their mother, 26-year-old Wang Lu, was 18 weeks pregnant when the footage was taken late last year during her antenatal check, reports MailOnline.

Wang’s husband, 27-year-old Tao Yu, said he began recording after seeing how their unborn children were reacting with each other.

Nicknamed ‘Strawberry’ and ‘Cherry’ after their mom’s favorite fruits, the identical twins essentially became internet famous for “boxing with each other for a few rounds.”


The 30-second video, which shows the pair seemingly throwing their arms and legs against each other, became a massive hit on the video sharing app Douyin.

However, the girls had to endure a rocky delivery since they turned out to be a pair of rare “MoMo twins,” which is considered as one of the highest risk twin pregnancies.


As monochorionic monoamniotic twins, they shared the same amniotic sac and placenta inside their mother.

The “miraculous” twins had reportedly beaten a “one-in-30-million odds” to survive, the doctors told the couple. MoMo twins have a 50% survival rate beyond 26 weeks.

The babies’ umbilical cords are considered to pose the highest risk since they have the potential to get tangled and knotted, preventing blood flow to one or both of the babies.

When the twins were being delivered in the General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University on Apr. 8, the doctors conducted an emergency surgery after one of the twins’ heart rates dropped suddenly.

Following the delivery, the twins had to spend a month at the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit before being transferred to a normal ward for observation.

According to Tao, his twin daughters apparently share an especially strong bond.

“The younger one left the NICU two days before the older one. And after she left, the older one wouldn’t take milk properly, but after she was sent to the ward too, she started to drink milk well,” he revealed.

Both girls were released from the hospital on Wednesday and are now in stable condition.

Their father is also happy to reveal that they haven’t fought since they were born a month ago.

Featured image via YouTube / China Daily

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